Kindness Ideas

Let someone go in front of you in line


Volunteer at a homeless shelter

Leave money on a vending machine

Pay for someone's dry cleaning

Compliment someone

Make dinner for a family in need

Let someone else pick what to watch on TV

Visit a nursing home

Send a "thinking of you" text to someone

Learn to say hello in different languages


Bake cookies for a neighbor

Write an encouraging message on a napkin

Participate in Pack-A-Backpack for a child

Send coloring books to sick children in the hospital

Give your umbrella to a stranger

Accept someone else's kindness


Plant a tree

Offer someone your pen

Babysit for free

Pack someone lunch for the day

Give drinks out to people on a hot day

Wash someone's car

Mow your neighbor's lawn

Be kind to yoursef

Reconnect with an old friend

Really listen to someone


Heal the world

Love and kindness have a power that is stronger than any anger, greed or sadness. When someone is rude to you, give them a break. Heck, give them a smile! Remember that we all need a little break sometimes. Let's do this together!